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Juvio Story

The Juvio support team has flourished beyond all expectations, driven by a rapidly-widening vacuum in manufacturer tech support. Receiving numerous awards for its unmatched quality of personal service, Juvio has been praised by national media, including the Wall Street Journal.

By servicing Juvio's user base with the highest-quality support. By design, Juvio will thrive in an accelerating growth. As the tremendous world market for tech support wildly expands, Juvio will transcend all former concepts of support, Juvio's mission is to service the globe.

The Juvio Mission

Our planet is rapidly approaching an era in which technology, ever-expanding, links the human race, globally. As destructive technologies grow, so must their antidote, the creative technologies of information, both private and commercial.

Juvio believes it's obvious that the greatest hope of the future resides within our basic human ability to communicate. And yet, the producers of both hardware and software now rapidly curtail personal technical assistance.

Users often find themselves stranded and frustrated, confronted by a bewildering array of hardware and software conflicts that defeat their informational process.

Juvio devotes itself to the constant that the interface between users should never be broken by failure of technology, ensuring the Juvio members access to live human assistance of the highest quality, day or night.

The community of Juvio is committed to expand into a self-fulfilling matrix of technical support, an entity not only building upon itself, but also reaching out globally to assist a worldwide vision of seamless uninterrupted communication.

The Juvio Founder

Juvio is pleased to have Hart P. Cunningham as its President and Chief Executive Officer. He is a founder of Juvio and brings to the Company a strong track record in developing profitable internet-based companies.

Mr. Cunningham’s most recent success is Visium Solutions Corporation, located in San Diego, California. Visium Solutions, in three short years, evolved from an apartment-based firm with just two employees (not merely surviving but outgrowing its office space three times, during the harshest period for web-based companies). Now, with over 80 employees and continued expansion, a client base stemming from Fortune 500 companies, Visium is on track to produce over 30 million dollars in sales annually, a virtual model of profit-driven achievement.

Mr. Cunningham earned both his Bachelors and MBA in finance and strategy in 1998 from Claremont Colleges, completing a 5 year accelerated program in just 3.5 years, and mentored under the legendary Peter F Drucker in mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Cunningham enriched his depth of economic study by also attending the University of Washington MBA Program, mastering comprehensive Economic Value Added Valuation Models, Discounted Cash Flow Models, and observed applied wealth investment.

In 2002, Mr. Cunningham was a finalist for the Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award in the e-commerce division. He currently resides in Del Mar, California, and his hobbies include team sports and tournament chess.

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